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  1. I’m thinking we should just present the Continental dollars as a “matter of fact” currency. If it’s rejected be ready with alternative payment.

  2. Here again, from the guidelines under circulation page 14;
    The CPB, as its agent shall have the right to circulate coins, paper currency and digital currency for the Government of The United States of America.
    The paper currency, coins and digital currency circulated by the CPB shall constitute legal tender of the Government of The United States of America. CPB is also empowered to circulate currency with numismatic value or for commemorative purposes.

  3. Williamson, I certainly hope and trust it to be. And yes, we are long overdue a change… a Real one. I’m so tired of the puppet play of deception. Cowards hiding behind their imposed “laws”. The constant flow of lies and coverups. Who’s going to take the fall when we arrive with the truth in our hands ? The vast majority, that’s who.

  4. We accept responsibility and also ask that y’all share alike one can only be as good as there help

    If there be trouble let it be In my day so my child have peace thomas Payne

  5. Transferred some continental digital dollars to Treasurer to exchange for paper version, but have not received any email or notification regarding shipping cost to my postal location… it’s been several days. Anyone have any insight?
    My account does show the transfer (deducted digital dollars)

  6. I have forwarded your question regarding the Transfer to the Treasury. The Treasury addresses paper currency

  7. ^^ thank you. I did receive the email notice about shipping cost today!

    For those wondering the same, I had executed the transfer on September 10th.

  8. Today I received +305 Continental Dollars in the post 🙂
    I’d publish a photo here but this doesn’t support that. Just updating whose interested.

  9. I transferred a large amount of continental digital dollars to Treasurer to exchange for paper version, but have not received any email or notification regarding shipping cost to my postal location… for over two months…
    My account also shows the transfer deducted dollars.

  10. pray and focus into what you want to see…………remember, we create with our minds,
    focus and pursuit……………..it was a command to be fruitful and multiply………….we ain’t just talkin children! All things brothers and sisters. All things.

  11. Why is it so hard for me to start an account with the Continental Public Bank?will not send a confirmation link to start the process must create an account to use this feature(transfer) Do I have to be on a desk top or something, really frustrating

  12. When I first created an account it didn’t seem automated and did take a couple days to receive an email.. even after which I didn’t receive a user name/ log in until I then clicked the lost password tool and then received an email helping me log in..

  13. Who’s spending their Continental dollars? I’d like to think they’re readily accepted.

  14. When the federal reserve bank notes tank, because the rest of the world figures out their corruption, I believe these Continental dollars might come in handy.

  15. Copy of Newsletter sent out November 23rd, 2017:

    The Continental Public Bank admin changed a few settings on the affiliate program and the Bank Manager has been notified and the changes made were with no objections from the Manager.

    Some account holders have been claiming that the sign ups from their links are not crediting their accounts with 50.00 Continental Dollars when a new account is opened.

    Upon investigating the probem, is was found that the reason is because the accounts are not being opened by the account holder that clicked the link for the system to record it.

    The new account is being opened by the admin to make sure the site is secure wherein many spammers will attempt to open multiple accounts and hack the website if the bank allows for open sign ups. This is a real problem for website admins today on the internet.

    How does this affect the affiliate?

    The Continental Public Bank desires to be fair and equitable in situations like this where solving one problem creates another. We do apologize for the inconvenience of this situation.

    Therefore the Continental Public Bank verified that the affiliates links that are being clicked for page visits are being credited the 10.00 Continental Dollars to the affiliates account. So 10.00 has been removed and changed to 25.00 per affiliate link click just for the page visit. The 50.00 has been removed due to the fact that the signups are not being recorded by the system. The 15 and 25 is still in affect for logins and page visits.

    If account holders can reasonably verfiy connections with sign ups, the Continetal Public Bank will have no issue with crediting the affiliates account with the 50.00 Continental Dollars. The change in the amount for just a click absent any time spent talking to people and asking them to open an account should be balanced out for any losses of the system not recording the sign ups for specific accounts.

    The Continental Public Bank has made this change retroactive where there is a credit of 10.00 for the page visit, that is verifiable, and can be added up and changed from 10.00 to 25.00 to make up for any losses incurred by the affiliate that did in fact have signups, yet not all page visits turned into signups. Since there is no way on record to verify whether the page visit from the affiliate link actually opened an account, the retroactive change from 10.00 to 25.00 for just a page visit should make up for any losses for actaul sign ups.

    We hope that this change is acceptable for all of those account holders that use the affiliate links to promote the Continental Dollar.

    This situation is frustrating on both sides because the manager and the committee wish to run a clean and honest business and appreciate everyones business, hard work and efforts to make the Continental Dollar a success. At the same time, there are people that love to hack websites as a hobby wherein the United States, in Congress assembled will be contacted to make a law against hacking with stiff penalties after the next election on the first of December, 2017.

    Please contact the Continental Public Bank if there are any objections to this resolution to the problem by emailing the manager@continentalpublicbank.com or have a better solution. Otherwise, add up the credits for 10.00 and they will be verified and the account will be credited the extra 15.00 for each page visit as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your time and attention,


  16. Hello, I have been trying so hard to incorporate our Continental Dollars into and out of Crypto currency.
    I have made a website to teach people how to learn about and get involved with this new Blockchain technology.
    I believe I aim to be able to exchange the dollars earned here for a trade-able item that I have already created, tested and easily sell my BitcoinX cryptos for PayPal Credit. I have amassed an amazing amount of these and the goal for our coin is all about being a team, “Together Everyone Achieves More” please see the home page at https://bitcoinxag.com/
    I have made a website at B2xbit.com explaining how to earn bitcoin and bring them to our bank here to get signed up and receive rewards that can be traded and exchanged dollar for dollar for our BitcoinX. I am at the point where it is a matter of needing help making the proper exchange buttons and technical tweaks. If anyone has advice or can contact me for direction.
    As this coin is so new and as long as i give them away to everyone just the same as i receive bonuses from here, an even up trade seems like a plausible thing. Bless you all, change is coming.

  17. The crypto currency is not a National currency, therefore would have to be classified as a generic medium of exchange by and between the National currency (Continental Dollar)-transferred into the bitcoinx as a medium to exchange into other currencies. A license would need to be provided for the other currencies otherwise internationally illegal to operate as an exchanger using other countries currency or exchanging them for bitcoinx. The Continental Dollar is not a crypto currency because it can be exchanged for Continental Dollar paper version and is classified as a National money meaning a Nationality is attached thereto. A monarch attaches subject status when using it’s money. It is the same concept but not the same result. It seems complicated but can be done.

    Further, the problem with crypto currency is that it has a stigma attached to it whereas people believe that it is a vehicle for a cashless society and globalism which is not too far off in their thinking. The only reason why they accept the Continental Dollar digital version is because you can trade it for the paper version. Although that process seems slow at times, the cash is delivered to their homes and not an empty promise or offer.

    The only way that bitcoin and bitcoinx is going to be something viable as a vehicle for money transfer and not constant theft meaning when they are stolen they are gone is to attached a National currency with an assurance program to cover losses of the crypto currency and allow bitcoin and bitcoinx to be redeemable in National money. This can be done and at the same time, clean up the crypto currency industry that is riddled with fraud and theft.

    This National currency is compatible with the crypto currencies as far as freedom is concerned meaning no taxes and only requires a minimal identification process for the assurance program. This is the only way we can see this all happening.

  18. Very well said, and on point. Thank you.

    I would like to point out a difference in crypto currencies that may or may not make a difference.
    For instance, Bitcoin utilizes a Proof of work consensus technique, verified through Proof-of-work mining, usually called PoW mining, to carry out actions over a network and build the block which are the ingredients of the network’s blockchain.

    Whereas BitcoinX utilizes a Proof-of-stake (PoS) which is a different way of achieving consensus in a distributed blockchain system. The cryptographic equations in PoS are far easier for computers to find solutions and are fairer than PoW; this is because anybody can be a miner. What is needed is just to show that you are the owner of a specific amount of coins in an underlying currency.
    For instance, if you have 2% of every BitcoinX coin, you can mine 2% of every transactions that takes place in the BitcoinX Coin.
    In PoW your chain is valid because a lot of effort is put behind creating it, whereas in PoS highest collateral establish the trust.

    I only want to point out the difference in an attempt to better understand. I want to be a part of this transition and I wish i was sitting with the smartest people working on the hardest things, because i want to make a difference in this world.
    Bless you all, our struggle is real.

  19. Whatever the technology an exchange license is required to be able to exchange bitcoinx into Continental Dollar and vice versa. Further, Bitcoinx will need a exchange license from every other currency around the world in order to stay out of international prison. This concept has eluded most bitcoin enthusiasts which is why nothing can be done when bitcoin is stolen, the block chain network is considered a black market condition internationally. This means that the Continental Dollar is not attached to bitcoinx yet because the creators of bitcoinx have not obtained an exchanger license from the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America. The technology may be there, however there is more to this process then meets the eye.

  20. I would love to turn my continental monies into bitcoinx , if it gets figgured out let me know thanks deb

  21. Just sent the treasurer a transfer of continental dollars so I could receive hemp paperback continental dollars via mail…follow along to see how long it takes the process from start to finish…will keep all posted on this exciting journey

  22. My wife just sent out for 3k to be printed in Continental Dollars in various denominations to be used this spring with our small businesses. We’ve already announced to the world that our vegetarian, mostly organic, non-gmo food trailer will be accepting Continental Dollars when we open back up this spring, giving the people an alternative means of commerce when shopping with with us! That’s right folks, we’re officially jump-starting the Continental Dollar in our area and we’re super excited as well!

  23. Still haven’t received confirmation of the transfer of continental dollars to the treasurer, no response…still waiting

  24. Go to your history section and all transactions are recorded there. The system also sends an email that money has been transferred and to whom.

  25. Received email yesterday from treasurer to send $48 USD via PayPal for the $500 continental dollars…done…now wait for the mail to deliver.

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