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  1. I’m thinking we should just present the Continental dollars as a “matter of fact” currency. If it’s rejected be ready with alternative payment.

  2. Here again, from the guidelines under circulation page 14;
    The CPB, as its agent shall have the right to circulate coins, paper currency and digital currency for the Government of The United States of America.
    The paper currency, coins and digital currency circulated by the CPB shall constitute legal tender of the Government of The United States of America. CPB is also empowered to circulate currency with numismatic value or for commemorative purposes.

  3. Williamson, I certainly hope and trust it to be. And yes, we are long overdue a change… a Real one. I’m so tired of the puppet play of deception. Cowards hiding behind their imposed “laws”. The constant flow of lies and coverups. Who’s going to take the fall when we arrive with the truth in our hands ? The vast majority, that’s who.

  4. We accept responsibility and also ask that y’all share alike one can only be as good as there help

    If there be trouble let it be In my day so my child have peace thomas Payne

  5. Transferred some continental digital dollars to Treasurer to exchange for paper version, but have not received any email or notification regarding shipping cost to my postal location… it’s been several days. Anyone have any insight?
    My account does show the transfer (deducted digital dollars)

  6. I have forwarded your question regarding the Transfer to the Treasury. The Treasury addresses paper currency

  7. ^^ thank you. I did receive the email notice about shipping cost today!

    For those wondering the same, I had executed the transfer on September 10th.

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