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The Continental Public Bank is the only Public Bank in existence that is not a part of the American Bankers Association, the federal reserve system, nor the Bank of New York Mellon;

The Continental Public Bank is backed by INCUN.1454.b5. 

Meet the offices within the General Post Office Division 3!

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan

The office of the GPOD3 General Manager is the head of GPOD3 and supervises the activities of all GPOD3 Financial Services under the direction of the assembly of Affirmed American Nationals;

Cheryl Ann Wiker

Membership Accounts Manager

The core priority is addressing Continental Public Bank account holders' needs and concerns as quickly and effectively as possible to build a positive partnership and nurture long-term growth;

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Our Bank is in the NAC addressing system-The NAC System is used by 4 other countries.

Government of The United States of America

General Post Office Division 3

Superintendent of Finance

RR1 Box #1

The United States of America
Global Postal Code-NAC: 850H2 MR7C8