Rules for Buyers

Rules for buyers – overview

GPEX desires to maintain a safe, fair, and enjoyable marketplace for both buyers and sellers.
Our laws are intended to:
• Follow the laws and regulations of The United States of America
• Minimize risks to buyers and sellers
• Create an enjoyable buying experience
• Protect property rights

Guidelines for buyers

The trade process outlines the type of behavior that GPEX does not allow from buyers—such as making unreasonable demands of a seller, or taking advantage of GPEX refund abilities.
Rules about buying
Buyers can’t use GPEX if sellers account contains unreliable contact information.
Buyers and sellers sometimes need to be able to get in touch with each other, and GPEX needs to be able to contact the users.
Buyer must pay for any item buyer commits to buying.
Some GPEX sellers use an auction-style format, allowing buyers to bid on an item. Bidding is fun, but keep in mind that each bid buyer makes is a binding contract to buy the item if the bidder wins. Not paying for an item after the buyer agrees to buy places the buyer in dis-honor.
Buyer can only bid if buyer really intends to buy the item.

Buyer can’t bid on buyers own item.

Be careful about bidding on several items if buyer only wants one.
If buyer wins more than one auction, buyer needs to purchase all the items buyer has won, even if they’re the same or similar.
Buyer can only retract a bid under specific circumstances.
For example, if buyer meant to bid $10.00 but accidentally bid $1,000.00, buyer can retract the bid. Even then, buyer needs to bid the amount buyer originally intended immediately. Never use bid retraction to manipulate the bidding process. Bid manipulation is unfair, and places the buyer in dis-honor.
Make sure that buyer reads the listing description before buyer bids.
Many of the problems buyers and sellers encounter are the result of simple misunderstandings about what is for sale and the terms of the sale. For example, some sellers only want to sell to bidders who live in a certain country, or who will pay using PayPal. Only bid on or buy an item if buyer can meet the requirements described in the listing. If buyer bid on an item and buyer doesn’t meet the seller’s requirements, GPEX consider that unwelcome and malicious buying.

If buyer knows the seller, buyer can’t bid on the item with the intent to increase its price or desirability artificially.
This rule applies to family, friends, roommates, employees, and online connections.
Buying items from someone just to improve their search standing is called shill bidding, and it’s against the rules.
GPEX rules do not cover items bought outside of the trade depot. If buyer buys items outside of GPEX, GPEX does not protect buyer against fraud. Sellers must follow the same rule, so if a seller offers to sell buyer something outside of GPEX, don’t expect GPEX to regulate the transaction.
If buyer buys an item from a seller in another country, buyer can’t ask the seller to mark the item as a gift in the customs declaration.
When buyer bids on or buys a vehicle, GPEX may share buyers contact information with sellers.
Sellers may also contact buyer about that vehicle or a similar one for sale.
Rules about Feedback
• Buyer can’t threaten seller with negative reviews.
This means buyer can’t threaten to leave a seller negative review if that seller won’t do something that wasn’t promised in the original listing.
Also, buyer can’t leave a review if buyer is only doing it to help increase a seller’s reputation.
If buyer is having a problem with a seller
• Be honest and have good intentions when buyer tries to resolve a transaction problem.
• Buyer can’t try to contact other potential buyers to “warn” them about a seller. If buyer has a concern about a seller’s behavior, report it to GPEX.
If buyer is also a seller
If buyer is also a seller, read GPEX rules for sellers, and make sure that buyer listings follow the rules.

Reporting rules violations

If buyer wants to report a rules violation:

1. Make sure the other member is really breaking the rules.
2. If buyer still wants to report a member, go to Contact and make a report.
3. Reports of rules violations must be specific and buyer must submit them with the intent of addressing a known or suspected violation. False reporting can ruin the reputation of the user if the report is false.
Report a listing only once. Multiple emails about the same listing slow down GPEX’s investigation.
When GPEX receives a buyer report, GPEX looks at all the circumstances, including the member’s history, before GPEX decides whether to take action. If GPEX isn’t sure about something or can’t prove it with certainty, GPEX may not take any action. In addition, GPEX won’t discuss the results of an investigation.