How to receive Continental Dollars in the mail!

How to receive Continental Dollars in the mail!
Earn Continental Dollars!


Step 1: Login to your account at least once per day to earn points or invite others to open an account with GPEX.

Step 2: When you have earned points, you can exchange them for Continental Dollars.

Note: The wallet is the account holders private account, the points account is the exchange account shared by GPEX and the account holder. GPEX is not authorized to go into the account holders private account (wallet). Once the points are exchanged into Continental Dollars and transferred to your wallet, the private account is governed and protected by the Continental Public Bank within The United States of America from any outside influence. The amount within the wallet is the property of the account holder. The digital property can be exchanged into the paper version of the Continental Dollar recognized by Article V of the Articles of Confederation as amended August 5th, 2015 section 5.5 paragraph

(o) The Government of The United States of America shall enter into Treaty, Alliance and Confederation; coin or Print Money, exchange into digital currency, issue Stamps or any other financial instrument; the United States, in Congress assembled shall not pass any Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, and

Step 3: Send the amount of Continental Dollars you would like to receive in the paper version of the Continental Dollar to “treasury” on your account page of this website.

Treasury will receive an email notice of the transfer. Everything is done from this website.

Step 4: Make sure your profile is up to date with an accurate shipping address.

Step 5: Treasury will notify the account holder of the amount the shipping will be to your location. Pay the shipping and you will receive your Continental Dollars in the mail.

Its that easy!!!

Many ask “Where can I spend the Continental Dollar?” The answer is “Anywhere people will accept the Continental Dollar.”