To Order Paper Version of Continental Dollar-LB, Package 1 or 2, Please Complete the Following Steps:

  • Send +2015 CDLB for Package 1 or +515 CDLB for Package 2, to Treasury account at the Continental Public Bank.
  • Screenshot the completed transaction.
  • Complete the form below.

For Custom Orders of CDLB Paper Version please contact the Treasury at [email protected]

Please allow 5-10 business days for all orders to be processed.

Package 1:            Package 2:
+1CDLB*5             +1CDLB*5
+5CDLB*3             +5CDLB*3
+10CDLB*2           +10CDLB*2
+20CDLB*3           +20CDLB*3
+50CDLB*2           +50CDLB*2
+100CDLB*3         +100CDLB*3

Shipping cost: +15 CDLB per 1 package