Package 1:            Package 2:
+1CDLB*5             +1CDLB*5
+5CDLB*3             +5CDLB*3
+10CDLB*2           +10CDLB*2
+20CDLB*3           +20CDLB*3
+50CDLB*2           +50CDLB*2
+100CDLB*3         +100CDLB*3

Shipping cost: +15 CDLB per 1 package

To Order Paper Version of Continental Dollar-LB, Package 1 or 2, Please Complete the Following Steps:
Send +515 CDLB for Package 1 or +2015 CDLB for Package 2, to Treasury account at the Continental Public Bank. Be sure to write your name in the memo line.
Screenshot the completed transaction

Complete the form below
For Custom Orders of CDLB Paper Version please contact the Treasury at [email protected]